For many of us, the change in ownership at Twitter has created a great deal of uncertainty. I find myself debating two perspectives. On one hand, if all decent people leave twitter, it becomes a cesspool that, unless brands and celebrities leave it, won’t die like Truth Social or Parlor. I can demonstrate what social media can be. On the other hand, denying trolls a target to bully and Twitter a subscriber, I weaken the platform.

For now, I’m sticking around. Aside from wanting to be a source for good, I don’t want to deny myself the other good things it offers.

But one day I may leave. Or some of the friends I’ve made over the years will. I'd hate to fall out of touch.

Over the years, I set out to secure the MrGuilt account on every platform I could, and was generally successful, with a few exceptions. I am compiling a complete list. Right now, you can find me at:

Twitter MrGuilt OG Microblogging
Facebook Profile That other social network
Instagram mrguilt Quick Snapshots
Strava MrGuilt Social Network for Endurance Athletes
LinkedIn Profile The “professional” social network
Counter.Social MrGuilt Social network a lot of folks are migrating to
Twitch theoriginalmrguilt Once in a while I stream
Discord mrguilt#5511 Chat
Mastodon Distributed, federated socail media
reddit u/MrGuilt "Dive Into Anything"--Kinda reminds me of USENET
GitHub mrguilt Sometimes I like to pretend I can code.
SDF mrguilt Old school Internet. Retrocomputing. No “profile,” per say, but if you log in, you can say “hi” on com.
TikTok therealmrguilt All the cool kids are doing it
Nintendo Switch Contact Me Online Nintendo Switch Play

This is an initial list. I intend to expand this as we go.

Personal Sites

Last updated May 8, 2022