With the ongoing collapse of Twitter, I know a lot of my long-time friends from their are getting scattered to the virtual winds. I wanted to ensure I could be found.

Please feel free to friend me, follow me, connect with me, or whatever the jargon of the particular site is. I hope to stay in touch with everyone!

Over the years, I set out to secure the MrGuilt account on every platform I could, and was generally successful, with a few exceptions. I am compiling a complete list. Right now, you can find me at:

Updated February 1, 2023
Twitter MrGuilt OG Microblogging
Facebook Profile That other social network
Instagram mrguilt Quick Snapshots
Strava MrGuilt Social Network for Endurance Athletes
LinkedIn Profile The “professional” social network
Counter.Social MrGuilt Social network a lot of folks are migrating to
Twitch theoriginalmrguilt Once in a while I stream
Discord mrguilt#5511 Chat
Mastodon mrguilt@sdf.org Distributed, federated socail media
reddit u/MrGuilt "Dive Into Anything"--Kinda reminds me of USENET
GitHub mrguilt Sometimes I like to pretend I can code.
SDF mrguilt Old school Internet. Retrocomputing. No “profile,” per say, but if you log in, you can say “hi” on com.
TikTok therealmrguilt All the cool kids are doing it
Nintendo Switch Contact Me Online Nintendo Switch Play
YouTube charlesbarilleaux2784 Videos I Make (Current)
YouTube Legacy MrGuilt Videos I Make (Old)
Apple Music MrGuilt Videos I Make (Current)

This is an initial list. I intend to expand this as we go.

Personal Sites

Last updated February 1, 2023